October 15th & 16th



Note: All participating 2011 artists, email Christopher Urias your artwork or studio image if you would like them posted on this site.

1. Victoria Martinez
2. Hernan Aguirre
3. Pablo Serrano
4. Victor Montañez
5. Charlie de Leonardis
6. Chrystal McGrew
7. Tommy Reyes
8. Chaun PridGeon
9. Doug Britt-Reyes
10. Lara Kaage
11. Fausto Lopez
12. Rene R. Montañez
13. Quintana Studio
14. Patricia Peixoto
15. Baltazar Castillo
16. Montserrat Alsina
17. Roberto Ferreyra
18. Anthony Robert LaPenna
19. Jeff Abbey Maldonado
20. Luis Munoz
21. Paula Vasquez
22. Eric Garcia
23. Frank Diaz
24. Alejandra Velazquez
25. Betty Heredia
26. Hamza Salim
27. Mynor Paredes
mynordave@yahoo.com – Short bio – My name is Mynor Paredes and I’ve been painting for almost 20 years. I moved to the suburbs after high school. I’ve shown my art work in the Naperville and Aurora area and some in Chicago. I just opened my 2nd studio in the Pilsen community. This is my first time participating in Pilsen’s Open Studio. The idea behind my work is to create a social conscience. All of my work is done with oil on canvas.
28. Kathy Steichen
29. Christopher Urias
30. Mary Schumann
31. Sanchez
32. Jessica Turcios
33. Maren Celest
34. Daniel Garcia
35. Nja OnêNja Onê, painting and performance (throughout the weekend)
36. Guillermo Delgado
37. Ricardo Xavier Serment
38. John Pitman Weber
39. Oscar Martinez
40. Gerry Lang
Gerry Lang creates “Beautifully Elegant Mixed Media, Ceramics, Jewelry, Mosaics.”He is a maker of “Dream Bowls” and Prayer Bowls, in Terra cotta and porcelain, custom and one of a kind jewelry in silver and gold, and creates public art murals in mosaic, ceramic and broken tile and acrylic.Gerry Lang, MFA Lang Studios”Have something wonderful made for someone you love.”langstudios@gmail.com
Cell: 1.773.203.2361
41. Sharon DeLaCruz – http://www.mycreativemoments.com
42. Amanda Mudrovich
Amudrovich.com – Short bio – I am a Chicago based artist, who was born and raised in the Midwest. As a child, I showed a great love of the arts from a very early age, spending hours drawing and coloring. As I grew so did my love for art. Paper and crayons gave way to canvas and paint. I enjoy working in a multitude of different mediums ranging from acrylic, printmaking, collage and art objects. My subjects range from surrealism to portraiture and everything in between.
43. Jackie Orozco
44. Dalila Perez
45. Mari Viramontes
46. Hector Duarte – Hector Duarte studio
1900 W. Cullerton (enter on Wolcott)
Artist is painting a 150 ft mural, a commission for Indianapolis’ Canal Walk.
47. Emmanuel L. White Eagle

48. Dulce Marina
49. Marcella Gallo
50. Nuco
51. Alejandro Medina

1624 S. Alport
Alejandro Medina, drawings with pencil on paper
Alma Dominguez, acrylic on paper
Martín Pelayo

Media: Oil on canvas

52. Rahmaan Statik
Studio: 1900 w. Cullerton
phone: 773 454-0233
web: http://www.statikone.net – Spray Paint and oil paint – ARTIST BIO – Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, surrounded by urban art and public murals, I became inspired to be involved with the subculture of urban graffiti. A consequent arrest for “vandalism” put me on a mission to legitimize the production of aerosol murals. This became the main focus of my work: public murals that fuse the graffiti aesthetic with a classical training received from the American Academy of Art. As co-founder of RK Design, a graphic arts and mural company, I have produced over 200 murals, multiple CD covers, book illustrations and logo designs. Through the Chicago Public Art Group, as well as Gallery 37, I have instructed children in mural painting techniques, as well as mentored young artists in their craft. I currently work out of my studio in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, where in addition to pieces created in oil, acrylic, graphite, pen & ink, pastels, mosaic tile, spray paint and digital media, I am developing an instructional video on large-scale aerosol pieces.
53. Al DiFranco
54. Janet Fecteau – Janet Fecteau has recently exhibited in Southside Impressions (Beverly Arts Center), The Art of Futbol (Chicago Fire Soccer Club), and the Polish Arts Club of Chicago’s 75th Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture (Polish Museum of America). She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University at Detroit.
55. Lionel Bottari
56. Jean Parisi
57. Gerardo Villarreal (Villarreal Studio)
1444 W. 18th street, Chicago, Illinois 60608 – gvg72@hotmail.com – Artistas Gerardo Villarreal y Chris Kellner
Pintura y fotografia
Dejame saber si ocupas mas informacion!!
58. Francisco Mendoza
59. Chris Ferrari – Chrisopher Ferrari is a Chicago based artist living in Pilsen. A BFA graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Chris has studied painting, drawing, and photography at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He was an apprentice to a stone sculptor in London, England and worked for years as a photographer’s printer and assistant in Chicago. Now working primarily with oil paint on canvas his paintings deal sardonically with the changing modern world and his role as an artist in it.
60. Josh Tree Germek
61. Angel Silva
62. Jessica Guzlas
63. Roger Guzlas
64. Angela Scalisi
65. Nicole Marroquin
66. Mabel Vilner
67. Augusto Yanacopulos
68. Diana Solis

Paintings, Ink Drawings and illustrations
Email: diana210@hotmail.com
T: 773. 235-0075Showing At:
Oxala Fine Art, 1655 W. 18th Street.

Will Spin for Food, 2011, ink and acrylic on paper, 11″ x 14″

Piñata Party, 2010, acrylic and Ink on paper, 12” x 12”

De todo Corazón, 2011, ink and acrylic wash on paper, 81/2″ x 11″
69. Pina Morales
70. Adriana Perez
71. Ricki Sanchez
72. Immy Mellin
73. Soid Pastrana
74. Ernesto Cabrera
75. Jose Angel
76. Patricia Herrera
77. Manuel Cabrera
78. Jose Angel
79. Victor Chaca
80. Sabino Lopez
81. Cesar Martin
82. Kristi Posival

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