October 15th & 16th


29. Christopher Urias

About Uri-Eichen and Christopher Urias and Kathy Steichen

Christopher Urias and Kathy Steichen, partners since 1996, fulfilled a
longstanding dream in opening the Uri-Eichen Gallery in 2011. Printmakers that
met in etching classes at the Art Institute they long wished to have a space to
show their work and other young artists in Christopher’s home neighborhood of
Pilsen, in Chicago.

Their first three shows; June, July, and August of 2011 comprised all new work
each month in the printmaking medium of roll leaf foil. Consumers may be
familiar with foil printing as it is commonly utilized in items from greeting
cards to holographic security passes.

The work allows for a variety of colors and methods of manipulation to create
unique and one of a kind monotypes with a very painterly quality, using
stencils, photographic manipulation, polymers, and hundreds of colors from
holographic, metallic, tints, pearlescent, and pigments.

The equipment to use this material for an artist without use of presses applying
thousands of pounds of pressure was developed by Virginia Myers at the
University of Iowa, in one of the best traditional printmaking schools in the
U.S. In etching classes in the department in 1993, Kathy Steichen started using
the equipment. She purchased the equipment for home use in 1999.

Both Christopher Urias and Kathy Steichen graduated from the Art Institute of
Chicago and continued to produce art – drawing and printmaking mainly.
Christopher has a special interest in comic book arts and science fiction
drawing. Kathy’s work is currently a series of work dealing with the
contemporary attack on working people in American politics.

They are happy to welcome you to their home and gallery. Please feel free to ask
questions and let us know if you would like to show in the space.


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